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EveryHuman.Online and Basic Internet Foundation join forces in connecting the unconnected

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EveryHuman.Online (EHO) and the BasicInternetFoundation (BasicInternet), together with communities worldwide, join forces to connect the unconnected across the world and changing the lives of millions of children.

The newly founded non-profit organization EveryHuman.Online (EHO) and the Basic Internet Foundation (BasicInternet) have joined for an exciting partnership to support the digital transformation and provide every human being with free access to information on the Internet.

Focussing on the strength of both organisations, we identified a path  to help connect the people in low-income areas. EHO, launched by Internet and tech entrepreneur Torsten Schmidt, has the technical capability, the longstanding experience as an ISP, as well as pilots for affordable connectivity. BasicInternet contributes with community networks across Africa, the experience of connecting schools and communities in rural areas, in addition to the public-private-people-partnership (PPPP). 

Prof. Josef Noll, the secretary general of BasicInternet, comments: Education is key. Enforcing equal opportunity starts already in childhood. Every child has the right to receive a comprehensive education, he says. In the digital world, the free access to information on the Internet is key for participation. In an interconnected world, participation includes not only traditional school subjects, but also the use of the Internet and its resources. adds Torsten Schmidt.

The strategic alliance focuses on providing affordable access in remote areas. Starting from pilot projects with 50 communities in South America and Africa, we see the upscale in connecting  millions of people.

About EveryHuman.Online

EveryHuman.Online is a team of experts from different fields. Torsten Schmidt as an industry and technology expert, Ramon Roca, founder of guifi.net, one of the largest community networks in the world from Spain and Jami Vass, former head fundraiser of Creative Commons. In addition to this board, they are supported by enthusiastic academics with a hands-on mentality. EHO has established an open-source software solution for ISPs, provided by their partner NMS Prime free of charge for community networks.

About the Basic Internet Foundation, 

The Basic Internet Foundation, founded in 2014 by University of Oslo and Kjeller Innovation, was established as a special focus vehicle to solely foster on connecting the unconnected. In order to achieve the goal to connect the 3.5 Billion unconnected people, the Foundation focuses on the following three topics:

  • Promote the Freemium model for Internet access, with free access to text, pictures and local video, and premium access to broadband and streaming services;
  • Collaborate to establish Internet Lite as the driver for the freemium model;
  • Involve our communities across currently 11 countries in Africa to establish InfoSpots with free access to information, even in areas with basically no mobile coverage.

Free access to information on the Internet is the catalyst for the Sustainable Development Goals and key for health, education and meaningful work. The Foundation is currently active in 11 countries in Africa, working with communities to deploy InfoSpots, connecting schools, communities and primary health facilities. The partnership for digital inclusion builds the basis for sustainable development, resilient communities and business acceleration in Africa.


Torsten Schmidt, Founder and CEO of EveryHuman.Online: Torsten.Schmidt@everyhuman.online

Prof. Josef Noll, Secretary General of the Basic Internet Foundation, +47 9083 8066, info@basicinternet.org