Our Mission
Every Human Online
Support local communities and governance to provide affordable internet access for every human

Why Internet Access matters

~3.500.000.000 People Offline

“In February, Deloitte published a study [..] that found that in India alone, extending Internet access from its current level, 15%, to a level comparable with that of more developed countries, say, 75%, would create 65 million jobs, cut cases of extreme poverty by 28% and reduce infant mortality by 85,000 deaths a year. Bottom line, this isn’t about money; it’s about creating wealth and saving lives.” – Study: Value of Connectivity


internet access enables education


internet access creates new job oppertunities

Extreme Poverty

internet access reduces extrem poverty

The Problem

no cable broadband access

mobile internet not affordable


The Solution

10 x cheaper

  • ~$10 per month for 20GB (flat)
  • goal: obtain <10% of average monthly net income
  • 10 times cheaper than mobile internet

10 x faster

  • up to 50 MB/s or 100MB/s
  • within a radius of 30km per station
  • increase reliability to ~99% availability

Community oriented

  • we follow a highly community based approach,
    instead of other comparable organizations
  • we help communities to build their own access networks
  • local ownership and responsibility
  • support local members becoming entrepreneurs

Every Human Online helped me establishing a community ISP in nigeria

Mike Stuart

FounDer of ISP in Nigeria

How it works?


affordable and reliable hardware via
DOCSIS over the air, called WiDOX by Advintive

Open Source Software

open source provisioning and management NMS Prime

Legal Approval

financial support for legal and frequency spectrum approval


micocredits will help establishing new network operators to finance minimum hard- and software requirements

Local Contacts

local contact persons or partner organizations in the country


Help local communities and persons becoming network operators and true entrepreneurs

Our team

Our Best Qualified

Karim Lakhani


Chief Executive Officer and President, Advintive

Torsten Schmidt


CEO and Founder of NMS PRIME

Martin Zimmerling