Supporting local communities and IT entrepreneurs for affordable Internet

Original: NASA, edited: EHO

EHO helps technology and entrepreneurial enthusiasts to become local Internet providers.

There is no doubt that satellite Internet will change the world. For the first time, it is possible to connect remote regions to the Internet cost-effectively.

Even though satellite Internet technology is already enjoying initial success, it is far from being a realistic alternative for many people. Every Human Online attacks this point and links satellite technology with the community approach. By using state-of-the art mesh WLAN networks, a large number of members can be connected to just one receiver antenna. An intelligent control system makes use of all resources in order to utilize the network ideally.

With the support of our partner NMS Prime, we developed together BoxProvider. An all-in-one starter package for the next local internet service provider (ISP).

The EHO formula:
Affordable Community Internet =

Satellite Internet +



The Benefits

How it works?


Provided by leading Satellite Internet Providers


Hardware, provisioning, network assurance and payment architecture provided by NMS Prime

Mobile Payment

All common mobile payment applications: M-PESA, MTN Group Mobile Money, Paypal, Google Pay, ..

Legal Support

Support for legal registration and questions


Financial support for local enthusiast willing to take the opportunity

Community approach

Help local communities and individuals becoming network operators

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