Pilot Project

50 pilot projects,
one country,
3750 people online

With the kind support of Starlink, Every Human Online is launching its pilot phase in Argentina in 2021.



avg. household
income per capita
for 80% of the people

Why Argentina?

Argentina is a beautiful and diverse country. Despite the ambitious efforts of the population, the economy there has been suffering from negative economic growth for some time. The negative consequences for the population are also exacerbated by a rising inflation rate, so that a growing part of the population is experiencing financial difficulties.

Support for the change

While only 7% of the “lower” 80% of internet users have fixed broadband access, the rest use mobile data and WiFi where available. At around USD 2.4 for 1 GB of mobile data, it is easy to imagine that Internet access is a luxury. Especially when you consider that the global average digital consumption is 36 GB per month. 

Of course, the lower income brackets don’t consume as much so far but with the growing variety of online education and earning opportunities, these people in particular are entitled to affordable internet.


of the 80%-share

of internet users
cannot afford a fixed
broadband access.
A typical combination
of fixed and mobile access
would be 17% of their monthly income

1 Cisco: global average data usage 2021: 36GB

The pilot projects in Argentina will help us gather information to eventually offer an optimized package for affordable Internet access.

But how does such a project look like?

It's all about the community

For the local hero:

You are the key to success in this type of project. You are the local expert who knows the people and the community, you know where is the best place to build such a network. And that’s why we depend on you. Of course, we also want to compensate you financially for your efforts.

You need to find a roof to put up the antenna and supportive neighbors to spread the signal with repeaters. After that, you can relax and enjoy a monthly gift from Every Human Online. However, you’re still responsible for making sure the hardware works, but we’ll help you with that, too.

We want to make Internet access more affordable, which basically means trying to lower the cost of access as much as possible while earning as little as possible for it. Since the hardware and access have their fixed costs, most of the revenue will go directly to that. Every Human Online will always ensure that, even if the revenue is not enough. Basically, we are your partner and your insurance at the same time, in case something doesn’t go so well. There is no financial risk for anyone except Every Human Online. This is also the reason why a small part of the proceeds go to our Foundation. This way we will cushion the financial risk and at the same time start and support further projects.


For the user:

The basic idea is very simple. We put a satellite antenna on a roof and share its signal over an area. Anyone in the area can and may connect to this signal. To use the Internet, a data credit is required, which can be purchased online or offline from the local manager. Basically a typical prepaid system where people can buy an activation code for 1 GB of data. This credit can only be used in an Every Human Online network. In the current state of the project, this will only be a few places in a community. As adoption grows, there will be networks all over the country. In the pilot phase, the tariff will be 1 USD for 1 GB of data volume, which is more than 50% less than the current average price.

The three packages:

Below you can see three different types of packages, which in summary differ only in the number of possible humans online, the financial compensation and the one-time deposit. The deposit is basically insurance for us that our local hero won’t sell the hardware to the next best street vendor.

Application for a pilot community

"I want to be a pilot"

If you and your community would like to support our idea and benefit from affordable Internet access, please apply below. Our dear colleague Martin will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

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Every Human Online is only available in Argentina and to a limited number of communities at this time. Applications are reviewed and approved on a first-come, first-served basis.
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