The local hero (entrepreneur/person in charge) is able to assign data capacity in exchange for any tradable goods or money. So, if a neighbor gives permission to install repeating hardware on his private property, he can get a regular ” X GB Data each month for free” in return. The local hero could also be a local institution, so every bought GB of data supports a local school or community center. 

Overall that will enable a fair & sustainable ecosystem embedded to the local economy, indexed to whatever currency or exchange adapted to local conditions.

Category: Technical

Our limit as of now is 100 devices per backbone access point (satellite antenna). However, this is not a technical limitation!

One person in charge is enough. Technical problems are very rare and support is available. It’s mainly billing tasks.

Tariffs in each country are set transparently. Each user is informed how much 1 GB of data may cost in the local currency. Non-compliance can be reported and will be punished.

There is no regulation. Everyone is allowed to use. But sharing an uplink means that the maximum bandwidth is divided by all users. This kind of connection is not of big interest for wealthy people.

It is 100$ per uplink (up to 100 users) + 5% revenue share for EHO Community Fund per month.

We will move the signal with you! Within a city this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Category: Technical

It depends on the number of repeating devices. With the current technical solution within 100m the signal is very good and up to 200m connectivity with a medium signal quality is available.

EHO will determine reasonable prices and set them on software side. In discussion with the local entrepreneur special case decisions are possible.